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Rock n Roll has deep history in the Twin Cities. Many bands have emerged from the region’s snow covered neighborhoods. Even the clubs have an honored tradition -No band climbs rock’s ramparts without a stop at First Avenue or The Fine Line. Maybe it has to do with the cold that keeps generation after generation of kids fostering the instinctual drive of alternative rock … What ever it is, the music continues to stay hot, and now, that heat embodies itself in THE MISSING LETTERS

Three years after forming, these 4 twenty somethings have come charging through the ranks. To say that they have burst onto the scene with authority is an understatement. THE MISSING LETTERS have not only established themselves as headliners in the local night clubs, but have found themselves in the next class of nationally known emerging artists. Since their inception, they have been invited to, and played consecutive showcases during Austin’s SXSW Music Festival. They have appeared as the show opener on the 2014 and 2016 Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View California hosted by Neil & Pegi Young, as well as performed at The Fire Fly Festival in Dover DE, and Cleveland’s Burning River Festival. The band has been playing nationally for the last two years, and have toured in support slots for national acts, The Crash Kings, Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts, IamDynamite, and Girl On Fire. Additionally, they have just released a new five song EP entitled LUCILLE to add to their previous Itunes single, LET ME SHINE. The EP is being played in several major markets along with many internet sites and is picking up steam daily.

Bryan Murphy (Guitars, Vocals), Shannon Drymalski (Drums), Josh Ripley (Guitar) and Jonny Naughton- Capello (Bass) have redefined alternative rock with an honest Mid-western grittiness that has been capturing ears across the US. Their music is based in guitar driven rock n roll, that is sonically painted with their own style of truly original songs.

Fostered by musical heavy weights such as Seattle’s Nathan Yaccino (Soundgarden, The Dixie Chicks, Ben Shepherd), the late legendary audio engineer Monty Lee Wilkes (Nirvana, Red Kross, Alice In Chains, The Replacements, & Britney Spears) and producer Steve Drymalski, THE MISSING LETTERS recorded last fall at Seattle’s The Bait Shop. They have been on the TKO Booking Agency roster since 2015.

This spring, the band will be touring across the country in support of their new EP and in support of Adelitas Way Pray For Peace Tour along with a separate run of their own on the West Coast. The Missing Letters are on the rise with an increasing profile, which is a promise of great things to come.

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