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Los Angeles-based rock band ÆGES’ second full length album, Above & Down
Below, expands on the their unique foundation of 90’s post-hardcore meets
pummeling desert-rock. Described by tastemaker hard-rock blog MetalSucks as
“so goddamned hooky, you could hang your coat on it,” the band takes another
step forward with this collection of twelve songs that are as diverse and
individual as they are seamless and flowing. It’s an especially admirable
feat when you consider how busy the band has stayed since releasing their
debut full length, The Bridge, in 2012 (dubbed by one journalist as “one of
the most promising debuts in recent memory”).

“Above & Down Below” is a raging and radio-friendly collection of driving
intensity. Switching from gut-rattling Helmet-inspired assaults of muscular
riffage that few could accomplish, Aeges bring a dark swagger that oozes
bleak realism. Catchy and frantic, Aeges’ ability to alternate seemlessly
from anthemic singalongs to gruff-throated screams is unparalleled, and AADB
is filled to the brim with stark, (at times) lyrically bone-chilling and
(always) technically mature hits, making the bands’ latest one of the best
hard rock sophomore releases of the decade so far. AADB closes with a
cathartic serenade that starts with an acoustic open-letter to the world,
and ends in a furious array of stringed instruments, heavy distortion and
shredding that is as hauntingly beautiful as it is expertly crafted.

In between playing shows around the country with Coheed & Cambria, Silver
Snakes, Pelican, Big Business and many others, as well as writing “AADB,”
the band also found time to further expand their catalog by releasing the
Southern Comfort 7″ and the Bad Blood split 7″ with friends and
Seattle-based alt-rock project Dust Moth. Aeges also made a successful
inaugural appearance at the annual SXSW Music Festival this past March,
embarked on a three week tour of the western US in November with noise rock
trio The Cutthroats 9, and blew minds at one of the country’s most diverse
and heralded festivals, the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas.

Says front-man Kemble Walters of the new album (in a recent sit-down with
Alternative Press Magazine), “The themes of the record are rather dark,
focusing on the more animalistic nature of the human race and how we see
religion, friendship and trust. We’re extremely proud of the lyrical content
on the album. Each song has a definitive meaning to each of us but is
written in a way that allows the listener to interpret it to best suit their
current situation.” The chemistry of the newly revamped lineup has taken
ÆGES’ songwriting to new levels, not seen since the groundbreaking debuts
from genre pioneers long since passed.

“Above & Down Below” was mixed and mastered by Matt Hyde (Deftones, Slayer).

Aeges is:
Kemble Walters (vocals, guitar)
Tony Baumeister (bass)
Cory Clark (vocals, guitar)
Mike Land (drums)

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